"I’m bad at talkbacks with kids who want to become actors. I’m like ‘Ehhhh, you guys don’t want to do that.’"

Andrew Rannells on advice for aspiring actors (x)

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all the german i know i learned from cabaret

All the Latin I know I learned from Spring Awakening

Dave Thomas Brown as JD- Act 2

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This is a list of the sheet music I currently have, organized by musical. They are not all uploaded, this is just a list. If you want one that doesn’t have a link yet, message me and I’ll add the link, but for now I don’t want to spend all that time scanning the pages if…

Heathers the Musical Ask Meme!

  • 1) favorite character
  • 2) least favorite character
  • 3) favorite scene
  • 4) favorite heather-ism
  • 5) favorite song
  • 6) least favorite song
  • 7) favorite reprise
  • 8) pairing you can't ship
  • 9) what irritates you most about the show?
  • 10) quote not from the show that describes your fav character
  • 11) favorite heather
  • 12) quote from the show that describes the show as a whole
  • 13) character you don't care for that others seem to like
  • 14) otp
  • 15) ot3
  • 16) favorite voice
  • 17) most heart-wrenching moment
  • 18) would you want to join the heathers?
  • 19) where would you rank in westerburg?
  • 20) best facial expressions
  • 21) crossover you'd want
  • 22) how you feel about closing
  • 23) have you seen the show live?
  • 24) how did you get into the show?
  • 25) have you seen the movie?
  • 26) favorite image
  • 27) favorite costume
  • 28) something that had been in the movie you wish was in the show
  • 29) something that had been in the show you wish was in the movie
  • 30) character you most relate to
  • 31) dream role
  • 32) what would your favorite character's pokemon team be?
  • 33) what would your least favorite character's pokemon team be?
  • 34) au you can get behind
  • 35) favorite small details in the show
  • 36) who would win in a snark off between heather chandler, veronica, heather duke, and J.D.?


sic burn

Getting ready for the final show. Part One. [x]

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when u see a hot pic of orlando bloom